A downloadable game for Windows

a 2D top down game with goal of getting through the level alive. The game has three classes - archer, mage and warrior.

Any feedback appreciated.

Published Jun 21, 2017
Made withUnity
Tags2D, pc, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Unity, windows

Install instructions

Run the installer.


Eggstreme Adventure Installer.exe 23 MB


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Wow, really nice concept! I was looking for a quick game to play and came across this and thought it was really cool. There are a couple of critasisms that I have though. First off, it would be really nice if you had a pause screen. So that way you can exit, save, or adjust settings to the game easily. 2nd, a background to the main menu would be really cool to see. Maybe an overview of the playing field. As I said, amazing concept and great inital release. If you need anyhelp with the Unity editor or programming, just let me know, I have a lot of personal work I've done with that. Have a wonderful day!

Little update, After about 3 hours of on and off play, I was finally able to beat it with the archer. That was quite fun. Now just to try the other classes.